Spring has sprung

For the last few weeks I’ve been gradually getting more and more excited about the new season starting. I’ve planned where I’ll watch opening day. Baseball Prospectus 2017 has been dispatched and should be with me any day now, so can begin the poring over stats and projections. I’ve joined a multiple fantasy leagues and started the weeks-long deliberating over what to call my teams so I sound suitably hilarious to people I will never meet in person. I’ve spunked more than a hundred quid on my mlb.tv subscription and started amassing brownie points with wife to mitigate for the impact on our relationship for the next six months.

In February Spring Training  seems an antidote to a long, cold winter of baseball famine. I read all about the Diamondbacks 9-1 rout of the Grand Canyon University Antelopes (nope, me neither) this morning on mlb.com and even patiently watched two 15 second adverts to watch video footage of Dawel Lugo and Oswaldo Arcia go deep in front of a tepid crowd of about 12o mildly-distracted people. Utter underwhelming stuff, and I always trick myself into forgetting just how far short of the real deal it falls, especially this early. When the real Hail Mary non-roster invitees start getting cut down a bit and bigger guns start taking more than a single plate appearance it’ll get more and more compelling. Until then, I’m just happy it’s back. Sort of.

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