Time to Panik?

Despite last year’s Gold Glove there’s no denying that 2016 was a bit of a let down in terms of Joe Panik’s batting compared to his 2015 All-Star season. With the Giants stockpiling veteran infield utility I decided to look into how confident the organisation remains in Joe Panik. … More Time to Panik?

Gone, Cubs, Gone?

There was so much written about their 108 year wait for a World Series, but it was a largely ignored fact that the Cubs that won in 1908 had won in 1907 too. Given that most projection systems have the Cubs to have the best record in 2017, people are wondering if they can go all the way again. … More Gone, Cubs, Gone?

Spring update

In a previous post I somewhat poo-pooed early Spring Training games and I hold to the view that it is a a bit of a damp squib at first. We are rolling into the second week of March now though and Spring Training is just beginning to get into full swing. … More Spring update