Arizona Diamondbacks Midseason Review

Continuing with the series of in-season reviews, here is Jordan (@DbacksUK) with an update on the D-backs.

How has the season gone so far?
In my preseason prediction, I had us pretty much doing what we are doing. To be honest I thought we’d be there or thereabouts and we are. We had a fantastic start to the season but our inconsistency has let us down. We play stellar for a couple games and then we will have nothing going the next and pitching has been somewhat inconsistent. When it has been doing great our offence just doesn’t get going.

Stars and flops:
Buchholz has been really great and has been a big signing he’s come in and done a job when we needed it with Walker going out for the season! Flops I would have to say Alex Avila for definite he has been so poor with the bat behind the plate he’s been great but there has been no offensive production whatsoever and a lot of fans have given up with him!

Champagne moment?
Not so much a moment but when Paul Goldschmidt finally got out of his horrible start. The fans love him and he seems like such a great guy and an unreal player so for him to finally get out of his bad start felt great for him and the fans as a whole!

Revised Win-Loss Prediction:
We’re still roughly on track for what I said in my preseason preview which was 89-73 so I’m going to stick with that!



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