Kansas City Royals Midseason Review

Joey Mellows (@baseballbrit) is back again, this time with his take on a rough 2018 so far for the Royals. Make sure you keep up to date with Joey’s baseball odyssey by following him on Twitter.

How has the season gone so far?
The most losses in franchise history is 106 set in 2005. The Royals are currently on pace to obliterate that with 116. The season has been a disaster of historical proportions.

To be fair, Royals fans were warned that a shit storm was heading their way. PECOTA projected 65 wins before Opening Day. That now appears high considering the 46 wins the team are set to achieve if they maintain their .284 win percentage. They are currently 34-74.

The average team OPS was just .667 at the halfway point, compared to .725 across all of MLB. The team have hit the lowest number of home runs and went through 30 consecutive games without more than five runs being scored. Fans have also had to experience an astonishing 28 losses in 32 games and endure three losing streaks of at least nine games before the All-Star Break came to their mercy.

Stars and flops
The only Royal to make the All-Star team was Salvador Perez who owned a .253 OBP and an OPS+ of 77 at the midway point of the season. Yikes!

The star player accolade deserves to go to Whit Merrifield and his 3.2 WAR (FanGraphs). ‘Cool Whit’ led the team at the break with a .307/.378/434 slashline although Jorge Soler should also be mentioned for his impressive .820 OPS, before being sidelined by injury.

Mike ‘Moose’ Moustakas clubbed a team-high 19 home runs and demonstrated how his power bat could help a contender, so much so that the Brewers decided to go and get him before the trade deadline.

Flops can be found throughout the roster but the bullpen takes the biscuit for worst contribution to the team. In 95 games they owned the worst record in all of MLB for ERA, WHIP and K/9 (and second worst for H/9). The starting rotation also owns the worst ERA whilst hitters hold that honour for runs scored.

Champagne moment?
The 15-7 blowout of the similarly awful Orioles on May 8th was a lot of fun. For a team struggling to score runs, this was a feast for the eyes, especially with ten runs coming in the first inning, resulting in Dylan Bundy becoming the first pitcher in baseball history to give up four home runs for zero outs.

Revised Win-Loss Prediction
(compared to 70-92 on Opening Day).

pasted image 0 (1)

With 67 games remaining this would require winning 27 of them (doubling our current win total) for a win percentage of.402, post All-Star break. Sadly this still appears an optimistic prediction despite it resulting in the worst season in franchise history. Lord help us.

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