Milwaukee Brewers Midseason Review

Here with another UK fan first half review is ecstatic Brewers fan Mark Lewis (@UKBrewCrew).

How did the first half go?
We had our best 90 game start to a season ever (54-36) and were first place at the top of the National League, never mind the National League Central, yet the season still feels a bit disjointed. The NL Central has been one of the most competitive of all 6 divisions and with the Cubs in the dogfight, the Reds finding great form and the Cards and Pirates able to take games off of anyone. Somehow though, we are doing enough to stay there or thereabouts. I’m taking the approach that Craig Counsell knows far more than me, so whatever he calls, I trust him! It has though, been a very interesting and exciting season to date. 8/10

Stars and flops
Cain, Yelich, (both of which are headed to the All-Star game) along with Thames and Shaw are all contributing regularly to the run count and 47 home runs between them. Braun, despite not being at his best continues to keep pace and adding 10 homers. The star man though has been Jesus Aguilar who has taken the top spot for Home Runs with 23 and is making a great case for going to the All-Star Game in the final vote (#WeBelieveInJesus). Hader (also going to the All-Star game) has been the main man from the bullpen supported by Jeffress. Of the starting pitchers, Chacin and Anderson continue to produce the best numbers. Flops? Sadly, my main man Sogard has not reproduced the form that earnt him another year with the Brewers and has been designated for assignment (but he is still my favourite #NerdPower).

Champagne moment
Christian Yelich showing why the Brewers spent big money on him with his 5 for 5 game against the Padres on the 31st March.

Revised Win-Loss Prediction
90-72, I’m feeling bolder at the mid-way point. It all comes down to whether the Cubs can do enough to catch us and take the first spot but we should be headed to post-season.


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