Seattle Mariners Midseason Review

Here is a round up of an exciting season for the Mariners so far, from Tom Young, who set up the @UKMariner twitter account.

How was the first half?
Judging a Mariners season is never an easy job, us Seattle fans have been burnt far too many times over the past decade and more. Buying into those good times only to ultimately be let down shortly after.

This season, however, could be the greatest of them all but we are yet to see which side of the spectrum it will fall. As a whole, we have had an outstanding season to sit in a wildcard spot despite brilliant campaigns from Houston to sit top of the AL West and spells of danger from the Angels and currently the A’s.

It wouldn’t be the Mariners without drama though, and we were rolling into July with our tails up but we are riding a 4-game losing streak. We have a balanced team that is performing well above preseason expectations and we have overcome injury setbacks that would have derailed rosters of yesteryears to sit high in a stacked American League.
Season so far: 8/10

Stars and flops
I’ll start with the flop as that ultimately led to our resurgence. The Mariners are not a team that the casual fans pay much attention to, we don’t have young prospects or transcendent stars but the main names on the roster are the big-hitting pair of Nelson Cruz and Robinson Cano. The star pair is down a man after Cano was busted in May on a charge of taking PEDs which resulted in an 80 game ban.


The second baseman seems like is a huge miss and many (me included) expected the team to spiral after the bomb got dropped but we have battled through to keep up our early pace thanks in no small part to Dee Gordon filling the gap and the whole roster raising their game.

Champagne moment
No champagne or even sparkling water is being opened in celebration until we reach the playoffs. We may be in a surprisingly great position but we don’t hold the longest playoff drought in the major American sports leagues for no reason so this one will have to wait until the final day of the regular season.

Win prediction
At this moment, I don’t care how many wins as long as we get enough to make Safeco Field a playoff venue! Come on M’s!

Contact details
Keep tabs on the Mariners rise to glory over at @UKMariner on Twitter and follow me at @tomsyoung on Twitter and Instagram.


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